Sunday, October 12, 2008

Palin Concentrates on Economy

Palin Shifts From Character Questions To Economic Solutions During Valley Visit

VP Nominee Wins Cheers From Supporters In Coal Country

POSTED: 10:18 pm EDT October 12, 2008
UPDATED: 10:41 pm EDT October 12, 2008

ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio -- The McCain-Palin bus, dubbed the "Straight Talk Express," rolled into Brush Run Park Sunday with typical fanfare and flash.
However, on stage, Palin appeared to have followed John McCain's lead in toning down recent rhetoric about her opponent's character.

Instead, Palin talked to supporters about how she and McCain view the economic concerns of Ohio Valley voters.

"(You want) a plant gate to walk through, and a paycheck to count on and with lower taxes, a pro-growth agenda," said Palin. "And with spending control in Washington, we're going to get this economy back on track."

Palin did have criticism for the Democrats, saying Barack Obama doesn't understand small-town America.

Palin also said it's not negative to encourage voters to check out Obama's record on abortion rights.

When Palin spoke about her ticket's plan to use clean-burning coal for energy, the coal-country audience responded by chanting "Mine, Baby, Mine," a play on the popular domestic oil slogan, "Drill, baby, drill."

Palin said she liked the new chant and asked the crowd if she could use it elsewhere on the campaign trail.

"(Vice presidential candidate) Joe Biden said there's no such thing as clean coal," Palin said. "He said even if there were, an Obama administration would be fine with China using it, but not using it here at home. So, whether Joe Biden approves it or not, John McCain and I are going to develop clean coal technology here in America."

Palin's speech at Brush Run Park was less than a mile from the campus of Ohio University Eastern, where Biden will speak Tuesday.

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