Sunday, October 19, 2008

Palin draws big ratings for 'Saturday Night Live'

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin leaves NBC studios Sunday, Oct. 19, 2008 after an appearance on "Saturday Night Live," in New York. (AP Photo/David Karp)

59 minutes ago

NEW YORK (AP) — Sarah Palin was a big hit on "Saturday Night Live." NBC scored its highest ratings for the late-night show in 14 years, in an estimate based on the nation's biggest media markets. Nothing has done better since skater Nancy Kerrigan visited after her Olympics drama with Tonya Harding in 1994.

Palin played along as Tina Fey gave another impersonation of the Alaska governor.

Nielsen Media Research won't have a complete count of Saturday's audience until later in the week. It will likely be around 14 million people — and 17 million for the first half hour, when the opening skit happened.

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HAHA said...

Sarah Palin looked great on SNL but NBC should be embarassed to have acted so cruel in front of her. They treat The One so respectfully behind his back and they cant treat Sarah properly to her face? When i first started blogging this election on my blog i almost liked Obama, now no more. Hes a fraud.

HAHA said...

Oh and by the way, id love to exchange links on with you.

History Chasers said...

Sure,I have already added your excellent site.