Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why would the State Department assist Obama by enabling foreign money to flow to Obama’s campaign?

This is a very interesting article in the Canadian Free Press.

Why does this collaboration by State and other Intel/Military Agencies want a pacifist like Barack Obama for President? They knew they could not appeal to or trust John McCain and Sarah Palin to go along with the plan to stop a preventative invasion against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Compromising America’s security or that of our ally, Israel, is a betrayal of a greater magnitude.

Barack Obama, given his history of “hanging around the neighborhood” with self-declared anarchists and generally considered far Left-of-Center, could be easily guided by the likes of Colin Powell and Zbigniew Brzezinski to not either pre-emptively attack Iran as necessary or mount a second strike even after Iran attacked any American city or interest. Obama has said he would rather talk than act.

But first, Obama needed to be made President and that would cost huge sums. That meant he could not opt to take limited official Government funding as did John McCain. Obama needed far larger funds and that could not come from primarily normal contributions. It needed to come from deep, deep pockets - like those in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, the Gulf Oil States.

But, those campaign contributions could not come to Obama in huge traceable gifts, thereby calling attention from government agencies for illegal funding. The money had to be split into very small sums - like $200 per gift through millions of new donors. Of course, Obama’s fund raisers refused to release those names to check their origins as McCain chose to do.

Other U.S. gifts to Obama in excess of legal limitations which were caught by outside observers, were generally returned - in part - but, even then - not all and not always. Who knew about this massive cash flow officially, unofficially or merely by well-founded rumors in the Intel community? The State Department, the FBI, CIA, NSA and any number of our 16 Intelligence Agencies knew. But, just as no one stopped the false NIE Reports which caused the loss of American resolve to prevent Iranian nuclear weapons’ capability, no one stopped the buying of America by the huge, global campaign contributions. The Scam was that high up.

Buying a Presidential Election would be a well kept secret not unlike “the magic bullet” and “the shooter on the grassy knoll in Dallas”. Was the fix in? It was puzzling when $150 Million Dollars came into Obama’s campaign in one month - not to mention the already accumulated “windfall” of close to $450 Million Dollars raised before. The $150 Million Dollars influx in September led to a grand total of $600 Million Dollars for Obama to spend, snowing the American public to cover his record and propagate his rhetoric.

Generally, that kind of money floats around drug cartels or oil deals between the Arab Muslim countries and the multinational oil companies. Clearly, if Iran (and Iran’s oil) were to be protected - along with its future potential for oil contracts, Obama would be a better, even vital, choice as a malleable President than a stubborn, experienced military man like McCain. If the Presidency was to be owned and controlled by the multi-nationals and oil countries, they needed a President like Obama - a stooge. The “controllers” also needed a replacement VP who was known to be more than accommodating to Iran and, thus: Joe Biden.

The Media never really questioned this extraordinary cash flow.

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