Friday, October 24, 2008

LaHood Needs to Put a Sock in it!!!

by Janet Crain

"LaHood supports McCain", but he sure has a heck of a way of showing it!!! With friends like this, McCain sure doesn't need any enemies. What is wrong with these people? Do they just want to see their comments in print so bad they will say anything? Don't they know newspapers like the HuffPo will jump on their remarks like a hungry wolf on a dumb little rabbit? Do they realize they could wake up Nov. 5th and say to themselves; "Yes, brilliant self you were right......and gulp!!!......Obama is president!!!" Do they care? Did they ever? Were they simply Democrats in Republican clothing to help their elections in the past? I really intend to remember each and everyone of these loose lipped closet liberals.

The Huffington Post October 10, 2008 11:57 AM

Veteran Republican Congressman Ray LaHood criticized his party's vice presidential nominee Friday, saying that Sarah Palin's vitriolic campaign rallies ""don't befit the office she's running for."

Rep. LaHood, who has represented Illinois' 18th district for seven terms and is retiring in January, told WBBM Radio that Palin should control the racially-charged heckling at her rallies:

"Look it. This doesn't befit the office that she's running for. And frankly, people don't like it."

Some of the names Obama is being called, which include "terrorist" and "traitor," "certainly don't reflect the nature of the man," LaHood said to WBBM.
LaHood supports John McCain's candidacy, but warned that the heckling could backfire on the Republican ticket.

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