Sunday, October 26, 2008

Khalidi-Obama relationship Shows What Obama's Real Interests Are

LA Times Won’t Release Video of Obama Saluting Ex-PLO Operative at Jew-Bashing Dinner

Allegations of PLO connections

Khalidi has been accused of having ties to the Palestinian Liberation Organization, based on his work for Wafa in the late 1980s, and later serving as an advisor to the Palestinian delegation during the Madrid Conference of 1991. As an example, the New York Times referred to him in 1978 as "an American-educated Palestinian who teaches political science at the American University of Beirut and also works for the P.L.O." Khalidi denied the allegation that he served as a PLO spokesman.

Khalidi explained that he often spoke to journalists in Beirut, and was usually cited, without attribution, as a well-informed Palestinian source. He also said that he was unaware of any misidentification as a PLO spokesman.

The claim received renewed attention in 2008 when it was raised due to a reported friendship between Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and Khalidi's family when Khalidi taught at the University of Chicago. Articles by Aaron Klein and John Bachelor, writers respectively for World Net Daily and Human Events, were referenced by rival political campaigns and reprinted in wider-circulation media.

Khalidi-Obama relationship

Khalidi's relationship to Obama has come under increasing interest due to the U.S. Presidential race of 2008.[23] Obama made one of the presentations in praise of Khalidi at a 2003 farewell dinner on the occasion of Khalidi leaving the Chicago Area.[23] The dinner was a celebration of the Chicago area Palestinian community. Obama's remarks alluded to the numerous dinners that he had at the home of the Khalidis.[23] Obama and Bill Ayers dispersed monies to Islamic groups controlled by the Khalidis acting as board members[24] of the Woods Fund of Chicago and Annenberg Foundation.


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