Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gang of ugly trolls invades Team Sarah Chatroom

A gang of ugly trolls invaded Team Sarah last night, taking over the chatroom and spreading vulgar language and vile content.The small but gallant team fought them off during the wee hours, banning the worst offenders and temporarily closing down our Chat Room.

Why did this happen? Well, Team Sarah has grown by leaps and bounds in one month. And now they've had an article about them appear in a national venue. JC

October 15, 2008 1:00 PM
Meet Lisa and Kelly
The voices of Sarah Palin voters.
By Kathryn Jean Lopez

Talking about the mortgage mess, Lisa laments that she “only understand[s] one in three sentences” on the news anymore. “I’d dreading the arrival of my 401(k) statement,” Kelly commiserates. “So what’s another five years of work? Seventy is the new 40, right?”

They go on, talking about how John McCain pushed for reform while Obama didn’t. “He knew where his bread was buttered,” Lisa says. Lisa and Kelly are characters created by Team Sarah, “a coalition of diverse women advancing the Sarah Palin candidacy and mobilizing voters to the McCain-Palin ticket.” The conversation is one of four currently hosted on the website, set up by the Susan B. Anthony List Voter Fund. Besides the economy, the kitchen-table dialogues so far discuss health care, Palin’s record in Alaska, the advantages and safeguards of divided government and the ticket’s maverickyness. (Click on each aforementioned topic to listen.)As the website describes the project, “Team Sarah’s Lisa and Kelly conversations represent the real concerns of two undecided women voters. Both are working mothers, Lisa is married and Kelly is divorced. They are interested in the presidential race, watching the coverage, and talking with friends and families about their impressions. As close friends, they catch up with one another daily, discussing the issues close to many women’s hearts.”

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