Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Who is Vera Baker?????????

Everyone but the Mainstream Media is interested in this story. Now this post again is leaning heavy on a romantic affair. We don't think so. It would be ho hum, who really cares, we have all viewed Michelle Obama:), why is Vera Baker, offshore, and why did they scrub her website?

There is something going on here much bigger than a one night stand. Maybe a clue as to how Obama has collected over half a billion dollars.

"According to the driver, he drove to the woman's home, but she alone departed. Ms. Baker remained in the car with Mr. Obama. The driver then brought Baker and Obama back to Hotel George, where he dropped the two of them off for the evening.

The story originally provided by the intelligence and strategic communications source was verified by speaking directly to the driver (who was granted anonymity) Monday afternoon. In and of itself, the fact that Ms. Baker went back to Mr. Obama's hotel the night of May 18, 2004 is not proof of an extramarital affair. But the subsequent mysterious disappearance of Vera Baker is surprising, and perhaps suggestive."

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