Saturday, October 4, 2008

More Celebrity Nonsense

I confess,I had never heard of Rachel Maddow, and a quick peek at her website assured me I hadn't missed anything. She is promoting a ridiculous video of Sean “P. Diddy” Combs urging "boys and girls" to vote for Obama. More celebrity nonsense courting the young, inexperienced and (they hope) uninformed voters. JC

If Hillary Clinton opened the door for women in national politics, Sarah Palin blew it completely open. Hillary has been angling for the post since the day Bill Clinton first announced he was running for president. Sarah Palin didn't need to hold onto her husband's coat tails for anything. Plus, she seems completely and absolutely likable. Anyone who thinks Palin should be removed from the ticket simply doesn't "get it." She's the best thing in this entire campaign, and the true trail blazer, not Obama.

Joe Biden needed to be chosen by Barack Obama because he is the "experienced old white guy" he needed. During the last Presidential election cycle, producers of American Idol wanted a "Presidential Idol" type show, and candidate. Quietly that show idea went away.Instead, four years later we have a terrorist and extremist-loving empty suit with a creepy, doll's eyes wife who is close to the Oval Office.

Rachel Maddow, the mainstream-hating smirk-meister was on her television program today, picking apart Palin's quotes from the debate. With half-quotes and quarter-sentences, Maddow questioned everything about Palin, expect for her hair style. Maddow prefers the bulldog Bob of the average Rosie O'Donnell blog reader. Let's see Maddow, with her constant "why isn't everyone an elitist like me" Elvis lip curl do any better on the biggest stage of her life.

History professors, the smart ones anyway, will teach future generations that--despite the ultimate turn out--that this is the most groundbreaking Presidential election in quite a while, not just because a pampered African American made it to the top of the Democratic ticket, but a truly notable woman has changed the political landscape forever.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the same show and thought it was excellent.

Maddow called out Palin for her numerous inaccuracies. More importantly, she called Palin out for pegging herself as a Washington "outsider" while getting GOPAC training, and use the EXACT SAME tactics as Bush did in the 2000 debates.

The truth hurts.

Janet Crain said...

Well,it's too bad she didn't call Joe Biden out for his inaccuracies, which were legion.

Palin is a Washington outsider and that's the truth.

Palin has been in the "Lower 48" for 5 weeks. Joe Biden has been in Washington for what? 36 years?