Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ifill on Trial Tomorrow Night

by Janet Crain

Gwen Ifill will be on the trial of her life tomorrow night. If she can do her job and act as a fair and impartial moderator, it will make her career.

If on the other hand, she cannot, it will probably do more damage than can be offset by the anticipated sales from her upcoming book about Obama, scheduled for release in conjunction with the Presidential Inauguration. Should McCain win, the salability of her book will be greatly diminished.

Some are already crying "foul" due to her neglecting to disclose this conflict of interest.

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1 comment:

Laree said...


Ifill has a long history that many are choosing to ignore...why if she were a White Male Republican would they have let him stay as the Moderator? Who is afraid of the Big Bad Moderator Lady?