Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Charlie Gibson says its important to 'expose' Sarah Palin

Consider the furor if someone in the media of national stature had said it's important to expose Barack Obama. JC

October 6, 2008
By Warner Todd Huston

Charlie Gibson: 'It's important to expose' Sarah Palin

So, instead of merely reporting the news, now reporters are the news?

Apparently Charlie Gibson thinks he is, anyway. He gave an interview to the Toledo Blade on October 5 as if his opinions of the race for the White House are somehow more important than the news of the candidates. You remember the candidates, don't you Chuck? You know, those guys who are actually going to be elected, the ones that you are supposed to be reporting on? Gibson spoke to the Toledo Blade's TV beat reporter Kirk Baird about an upcoming visit to Ohio's Bowling Green State University and he said a few pretty revealing things to the Blade about how the media are treating the campaign.

Like many of his ilk, he appears in this interview to show a disdain for small town America, he obviously pretends not to see any bias among his comrades, he excuses that bias he does see and interestingly he claimed it was the duty of the media to "expose" Sarah Palin — an interesting choice of words, for sure.

Gibson will be in Ohio for an ABC spectacle this coming week where they will arrange to discuss the next debate with what they are to claiming to be an "independent" group of Bowling Green University students. But, Gibson takes pains to say that Obama has "energized" students even as he claims they will speak to some that are for McCain.


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