Wednesday, October 8, 2008

AYERS-OBAMA LINK Too Many Coincidences!!!

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Exigent said...


Is this all you got. No one really cares about this when our economy is LITERALLY going down the toilet.

Laree said...


Is someone ripping you off? Your All in the Family Post?

I have noted many hits from England in your live blog traffic map.

ole exigent, was worried about copy right infringement. Well below might be an example of someone re writing your research.

History Chasers said...

exigent; When even CNN sits up and takes notice, you can believe there is something there. And the deeper you dig, the more you find.

The reason it is important is just for the concern you expressed.

If Obama (and Ayers) could blow through $110 million dollars on worthless programs as a community organizer, how much do you think he could blow through as POTUS?

Exigent said...

NOW you're concerned about the defecit/debt?? Bush (fiscal conservative bwahaha) in 8 years doubled a national debt that started in the 1930's

Palin has more $$$ in earmarks per person of her state, so what is your point?