Monday, November 10, 2008

Yes, we always could!!!

I hope the silly season will soon have passed, but until it does, here's a young man of uncommon good sense, be sure and click on the link to read the rest of his story. JC

Paul Ibrahim

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November 10, 2008
Even Before Obama, I Already Knew That I Could

Apparently, to almost every member of the media, the election of a thoroughly unaccomplished man to the presidency is a definition of the American dream for the sole reason that he is half black. Even President Bush has said that Barack Obama’s election is a “triumph of the American story.”

The unfortunate truth, however, is that Obama’s election is a tremendous devaluation of the American Dream. It teaches us that the recipe for success is not achievement, but cunning. Yet somehow, everyone has fallen victim to the conventional wisdom that “we now know we can do anything.”

Sherri Shepherd, a black co-host of the TV show The View, summarized the refrain we have heard hundreds of times since November 4: “We’ve always been people of color. We’ve always had these limitations on us . . . And so to look at my son and say no limitations on you . . . to look at my baby and go, you don’t have to have limitations . . .”

Were there really limitations on what her son could do? This dramatic statement is, after all, coming from an immensely successful woman who has better name recognition than north of 99.99 percent of the U.S. population, and a woman who has seen blacks become entertainers, CEOs, astronauts, governors, senators, two successive secretaries of state – everything but presidents (which, as seen in at least the last four elections, is now apparently off-limits to old white men with war wounds).

Did Americans, including the poor and minorities, sincerely believe that success was limited by anything other than their own initiative? Did we Americans truly need Obama’s election to finally start believing that we could be anything we wanted to be? Did we not hope, did we not think that “we can,” before Obama told us that we should?

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