Sunday, November 9, 2008

The long knives are out and the fight will be bloody.

Sarah has battled the "old boys network" successfully before, but never have the stakes been so high. JC

Posted on November 9th, 2008
by psburton in Alaska News, All News, Arizona News, Op-ed, US Politics

Blogging from Phoenix: GOP insiders are reporting, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney is making his anticipated bid for control of the Republican Party. Political insiders also claim he is quickly becoming the principle figure behind continued efforts to ramp up public attacks on Sarah Palin. The strategy to ridicule Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, is a tactic intended to discourage her from any attempt to seek National influence. She is viewed by the RNC establishment, Has the most potentially dangerous threat to their hold on the infrastructure of the party. I am told by a source in the Palin inner circle of advisers and confidants, The old boys per usual are several fatal steps behind, the potential threat is already executing plans and circling for the kill shot.Governor Palin wasted little time Friday in labeling as cowards those who make anonymous statements to the media. While current GOP office holders in party leadership positions attempt to present a unified public face, civil war is looming in the republican ranks, Ideologues’ are preparing to battle the entrenched establishment old guard. As a liberal blogger I do not have a dog in the fight, so my perspective is at least objective.

The most relevant fact seems to be the respected Rasmussen poll. It reports a whopping 64 percent of the rank and file is behind Governor Sarah Palin while former Governor Romney is only able to draw 11 percent of the party faithful.


Carlos Echevarria said...

Mitt Romney, LOL, the second coming of Joseph Smith.

Palin will whip Mr. Change himself, Mitt Romney...

Laree said...

Sarah Palin Loaded for Bear.

Random63 said...

As long as the Country Club RINOs run the Republican Party, I will never donate, campaign, nor vote for them.

When Governor Palin becomes the head of the Republican Party and runs for President, then I will give her my full monetary and political support.

Governor Palin is Ronald Reagan in a skirt. Palin in 2012.

Until then, "Who is John Galt?"

Jack Bauer/London Dave said...

I hope Governor Palin spends the next two years organizing policy forums, agenda setters and think-tanks with high profile conservative thinkers.

If she can shape her detailed conservative agenda for domestic and foreign policy, when she runs she will be able to neuter all the RINOs, their cousins the Cocktail Republicans Against Palin, and the sneering leftist illiterati.

She could do worse than to get this guy on board pronto ...

"We thought it would go this way," Proposition 8 co-chair Frank Schubert said. "We had 100,000 people on the streets today. We had people in every precinct, if not knocking on doors, then phoning voters in every precinct. We canvassed the entire state of California, one on one, asking people face to face how do they feel about this issue.

And this is the kind of issue people are very personal and private about, and they don't like talking to pollsters, they don't like talking to the media, but we had a pretty good idea how they felt and that's being reflected in the vote count."

Grace Explosion said...

If he takes control of the Republican Party - we will SPLIT - and the Republican Party will become the THIRD PARTY as the ranks empty and the people rally around Governor Palin!!

I will in no time flat. I'm already there. She is my party's head.



Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is the new blood for the Conservatives. She must lead us out of this mess the liberal media promoted during the election.

bitterclinger said...

I daresay there are more sites dedicated to Sarah Palin than Mitt Romney. Americans don't like a bully -- and Sarah Palin has been bullied by the Old Guard. If the GOP can't see that she's the future of the party, then screw 'em. Money talks -- as the Dem party demonstrated ad nauseum.

bellalu0 said...

Mitt Romney? Well, do tell. I didn't think he would sink so low.

But maybe it's time for Sarah to lead a new party. We sure need one.

History Chasers said...

Well,I checked google and there are 29,200,000 hits for "sarah palin blog" and 2,000,000 for "mitt romney blog" so almost 15 X as many. LOL

Drappi said...

She is absolutely going to be the leader of our party. And, I agree with you, Random63, "Governor Palin is Ronald Reagan in a skirt."

However, I don't advise we get behind one candidate just yet. First we have to revive the conservative movement and getting back to the Goldwater, Reagan Conservatism that our party once was.

Oh, also visit my upcoming but still new blog at

I am dedicated to reviving the Conservative movement just like all of you.

lookingforamerica said...

"I hope Governor Palin spends the next two years organizing policy forums...If she can shape her detailed conservative agenda for domestic and foreign policy... neuter all the RINOs, their cousins the Cocktail Republicans Against Palin, and the sneering leftist illiterati..."

I hear the battle cry...this is war! Lock and load, Sarah.

I have always distrusted to pro-life? Reminds me of the 2-faced mayor in Nightmare Before Christmas.

Publius said...

She can have the GOP if she wants it ... Republicans love her