Sunday, November 2, 2008

Let's Bankrupt All the Coal Plants: That will get us out of this Resession (NOT!!!!)

These draconian plans of Barack Obama will hurt everybody!!!!! But the citizens will have their $500. a year to live on. JC

Here is another great video and article telling how Obama intends to implement changes to cause our electric bills to SKYROCKET!!!!!

And how we won't live long enough to see the benefits.

Remember Al Gore's electric and natural gas bill is already way over $2000.a month now!!! These hypocrits don't deny themselves anything.

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Palin Power said...

Saw that this morning on RMLN on Team Sarah... She's added more. Read my post (or go to the Read My Lipstick Network page on Team Sarah) --- in that same interview Obama promised SKYROCKETING electric bills if we implement his plan!!!

Always enjoy reading your blog, have it as one I follow.

Here's my post with link to it:
Obama signs on to trickle down theory and promises SKYROCKETING power bills!!!

Saw video and comments earlier on our Read My Lipstick Network's Team Sarah page on how Barack Obama is promising to bankrupt coal industry with his policies. Now here's another one Janet found and posted:

History Chasers said...

Thank you so much for your comments. I will follow up on this new information. And I will certainly add you to our blog roll.

We get our electricity here:

Headquarters: Austin
Presence in Texas: 53 Counties
Technologies they champion/innovate: Clean coal, Wind power, Biogas
2007 Earnings: $1.08 billion

About: LCRA is a conservation and reclamation district that provides energy, water and community services to Texans in its service area. LCRA generates electricity and sells it wholesale to city-owned utilities and cooperatives that serve more than 1.1 million people. LCRA also builds and operates transmission projects through a nonprofit corporation, manages and protects the waters of the lower Colorado River, operates parks, and helps communities with economic development.
LCRA operates six hydroelectric dams, three natural gas facilities, and one coal-fired power plant. The company also purchases 116 megawatts of wind power from West Texas facilities.

The coal fired plant is an important one. Obama better keep his mitts off it!!!