Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Too Little,Too Late,Too Lame

by Janet Crain
Senator John McCain had the perfect opportunity last night on Jay Leno's show to thoroughly clear the air about the despicable accusations leveled by some of his staff members toward his running mate, Sarah Palin. But he blew it.

Instead of saying he would ferret out these cowardly anonymous harpies, fire them and see to it their reputations were ruined, he said the following:

Senator John McCain: She understands all the energy issues. There’s a $40 billion pipeline coming to bring natural gas to places like California. And so look, she’s a marvelous person.
Jay Leno: Now, these aides that were criticizing her — and I think everyone agrees there were Republican aides who were criticizing her. I know you wouldn’t go for that. I know you’re an old soul. You don’t let people talk — but why?
Senator John McCain: One — these things happen in campaigns too. I think I have at least a thousand, quote, top advisors. “A top advisor said” — people I’ve never even heard of, much less a, quote, top advisor or a high-ranking Republican official. It’s — these things go on in campaigns, and you just –
Jay Leno: Why don’t we just move on.

Senator John McCain: I’m just very proud to have had Sarah Palin and her family, a wonderful family.

Later on he and Jay Leno joked about taking Lieberman to Neiman-Marcus to buy him a nice suit. OK, I know he has been advised to just move on, let this go and it will die a natural death. But I don't know who is advising him. Hasn't he listened to enough bad advice lately?
A gentleman would have come swiftly to Sarah Palin's defense. The accusations were ridiculous and most have been disproved by now. But they were unfair and cruel. And she didn't deserve this.
Sarah Palin made a reported 140 appearances for the Republican Party in her bid for the Vice Presidency of the United States. Every crowd at every rally was enthusiastic and energized by her appearance. The Republican Party owes her, big time! Not the other way around.
What bitter losers the Republican Party is turning out to be.
You know the old saying; "Sucess has many fathers, but failure is a bastard."

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