Friday, November 14, 2008

Going Down for the Third Count

This is a great idea!!! Give $5. or more if you can. This is our last chance to escape 4 years of tyranny.

Right now there is a race in Georgia for another Republican seat in
the senate. We are very, very close to the dangerous 60 Democratic
seats. I don't know how people can help---we are all so busy.

You can go here and donate to Saxby Chambiss:

Obama and friends are throwing big money toward Chambiss' oponent.
They know how important this race is!
Anyone who is in or near Georgia can help to get out the
Republican vote by contacting their local GOP. Many
people do not know the importance of this race and the one in

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Publius said...

I hope Saxby wins ... but you are not stopping anything with just his election

There are more than enough RINOS, like Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe and even John McCain that will vote with the dems

robert verdi said...

your right, every little bit helps.