Friday, November 7, 2008

Show Sarah You Care!!!

Petition is closed.

Send a message to Sarah!!!

Michelle Malkin has a petition going to Sarah from her readers showing support and good wishes. You can sign and leave a comment.Here's the link:

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Laree said...

Sarah Palin has a 91% approval rating among Republicans. This doesn't suprize me, and Nicole Wallace overplayed her weasel card. Who is impressed with failed Campaign Staffers back biting? NOT ME!

I am an Independent, and I am Pro Palin. How many more like me are there out there? We didn't counted in this poll.

Amy Jo said...

I tried before to sign up to comment on Michelle's blog, but could never get logged in to do so. I'd love to be able to send Sarah a Thank You message!

Grace Explosion said...


Poll was closed. Sorry I couldn't sign it. Sarah has a 100% approval rating... with me. :)

(I'm an independent voter also.)