Thursday, November 6, 2008

Messianic or Creepy?

Buyer’s Remorse? Newsweek Honchos Peg Obama’s ‘Slightly Creepy Cult Of Personality’

"Have you ever seen a victory speech where there was no one else on stage? No adoring wife, no cute kid."


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1 comment:

Grace Explosion said...

Wow. You see, they are beginning to realize, I think, that they cannot control the monster they created... the man in office... who now will be controlling the military.

Wonder if it's beginning to dawn on them that the real Obama will not be controlled by them... the constitution... the people... nothing... as he seeks to take complete control by his own cult personality.

It's a little late to be joining our "cell group"... but maybe they realize the press may be imprisoned under Obama... and they may end up in a government prison for those who do not worship "the One".