Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sarah Palin Didn't Blink

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Laree said...

I left this comment on Imus Truth my response the criticism of her Interview- performance with Charles Gibson.

It is pretty OBVIOUS that they think- it is Palin not McCain running for President. If they are going to hold her up to "Presidential Nominee Standards" lets compare her Interview with Gibson, to some of Barack Obama's greats hits "GAFFTASTIC" and his foreign policy experience. As I recall Sarah Palin, has something to do with the National Guard up in Alaska. What involvement has Obama the PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE ever had with the National Guard? The Media including Imus, are trying to diminish or lower expectation, per her popularity. Thinking people, are not going to be so easily swayed. So the next time she shows up for one of these interviews. RE The Bush Doctrine. They should prepare her for Democrat Talking Points. Meaning she isn't going to be questioned on her own focus for the next Administration. They will be questioning her on George W Bush's Administration, and their CONTEMPT for George W Bush. I might add this, is what they (ABC) belittling George W Bush's foreign policy, on 9/11 - Sarah Palin has to answer for Bush's Foreign Policy? It appears unlike Obama and McCain the MSM can't take a day off even to remember the tragedy that happened to us 7 years ago.

If I was her, it does her well not to recite Bush's Doctrine. The ACCUSATION is that McCain/Palin is 4 more years of Bush. How is that possible if she won't even relate the Doctrine to Charles Gibson? That means McCain and not Bush would be President. Although I don't expect a McCain Doctrine, so Palin can't answer any questions for a foreign policy, that has not been formed yet. That's where they want to trip her up, the VP nominee!! OKAY lets here what the Community Organizer, has to say about our Foreign Policy, should we go over all those gaffes? And he is running for President not Vice President. Yes he can tell you, what the Bush Doctrine is because it is in the PAST, and that is what the Democrats are trying to run on the PAST.

Trying to make McCain/Palin run on Bush's record that is what Charles Gibson was trying to get her to do, in that interview. I might behave like I didn't understand his question either.

Imus is responding to Style. Perhaps Palin didn't want to snap back at Charles Gibson this is her first Interview. I would have responded to him with another question. What does Bush's Doctrine, have to do with a President McCain's Administration? That is the Past, we are the Future.

It is obvious this is a Democrat talking point, trying to make McCain/Palin, run on Bush's record. I think she is paying closer attention, then the people watching give her credit. But then again the Media gets into group think and they respond with a lot of the same reviews.