Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Has Obama's real birth certificate ever surfaced?

Has Obama's real birth certificate ever surfaced? Does one actually exist? Is he only 6 % African as some genealogies say; the rest being 50% Caucasian and the remainder Arabic? Then wouldn't it be more correct to call him an Arabian-American?

Copied from the web:

My inquiring mind wants to know. Has anyone seen Obama’s birth certificate?

Should his birth certificate be in the public domain? Or not? I do not have a clue.

Obama may hold dual citizenship of the US and Kenya(?)
Senator Barack Obama is a citizen of Kenya, Part One
Note: I could not locate part two

“The American people, when deciding who to support for president, have a right to know if their ‘president’ is also a citizen of Kenya and owes dual loyalty to Kenya because he has never renounced his Kenyan citizenship

If true then, yes I agree he should of been forthright. John McCain received some flak over whether he was a ‘natural born citizen. As a Military brat myself, I was born outside of the US. Of course there are no questions where my loyalties lie. And both of my parents are and were US citizens. Obama’s father was a citizen of Kenya. Where does Obama’s loyalties lie? Is he torn?

A fairly reasonable question I believe.


Check it!

As I first posted in January:
Obama’s Family Tree

“His own father and mother’s wedding in Hawaii may not have been properly documented either. “How and when the marriage occurred remains a bit murky, a bill of particulars that I have never quite had the courage to explore,” Obama writes in his memoir.”

Gee I wonder why…

What? Obama’s campaign will not release his birth certificate? Hmm…
No Muhammed or Mohammed in Obama’s name

We have a copy of Obama’s marriage certificate from the Cook County Bureau of Vital Statistics in Illinois. Barack H. Obama married Michelle L. Robinson on Oct. 3, 1992, in Chicago. (And, yes, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. officiated.)

We looked at Obama’s driver’s license record in the state of Illinois, and the name reads: Barack H Obama. (Senator, just a reminder that your license is up for renewal this year).

We searched property records for Obama and found listings under the names Barack Hussein Obama and Barack H Obama.

We also found Obama’s registration and disciplinary record with the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois. ( You can see it here. pdf.) Barack Hussein Obama was admitted as a lawyer by the Illinois Supreme Court on Dec. 17, 1991. (By the way, Obama has no public record of discipline.)

We tried to obtain a copy of Obama’s birth certificate, but his campaign would not release it and the state of Hawaii does not make such records public.

H/T Nuke

Update 2:

As may of already been pointed out in the comment thread, the so called birth certificate (as posted on both fightthesmear.com and daily kos)
is a Certificate of Live Birth, NOT Obama’s Certified Birth Certificate

As much as I hate to link to KOS I have no choice if I am to show the laughable birth certificate lauded as the real deal. Since Obama’s site fightthesmears.com did not bother to allow an enlarged version to be viewed. As posted it is barely legible. [roll eyes] Where does Obama get his webmasters from anyways? The bottom of the barrel no doubt.

Note: Image added June 19 2008

Click image to view full size.

I found this comment elsewhere. H/T David Drake

Hate to break it to you Obama fans, but that “birth certificate” has clearly been tampered with, or newly created. It lists Obama’s Fathers race as: African.

African is not a “race”. Africa is a continent populated by people of many races.

The official US designation of Obama’s father’s race in 1961 would have been: Negro

I double-checked this with a black friend of mine who was born in Hawaii in 64. His parents race is listed as: Negro

This classification was not changed on the US Census until 1980.

Wonder what the Obama campaign is trying to hide?



Anonymous said...

Obama's eligibility is being challenged in a federal lawsuit. The birth certificate (or lack thereof) is at the core of it. If you want some really interesting reading, goto www.obamacrimes.com

Anonymous said...

Are you insane? Obama's citizenship/birth is well-documented as it is part of the process in order to be able to run for office. Will the next story be about how he was abducted by aliens and is not wholly human?

If you need an actual NONPARTISAN link (who knows, you may see some bias where there is none...):


I love how people are emotionally attached to this election and are passionate, but at least be passionate with reason, not desperation.

Laree said...

Are you insane? Obama's citizenship/birth is well-documented as it is part of the process in order to be able to run for office. Will the next story be about how he was abducted by aliens and is not wholly human?

This is what genealogist do. The Daily Kos may be happy with Photo Shop but this doesn't pass the smell test. I doubt that this even started with an original document just some bloggers trying to make their base of lefty loonys happy. For example, I can prove it here is a copy of Obama's original Birth Certificate. NOT THIS ONE. Someone was really sloppy offering this up as proof. I don't know that it is necessary for Obama to post his Birth Certificate up for inspection. I would not make a mistake and put something up just to quiet the public howl. It cause the perception that the Obama Campaign is trying to hide something. That only makes people suspicious. I would state on the Obama Campaign Official Site, that they met requirements, and have no intention of posting his original birth certificate. Instead of Proxies offering up Photo Shopped images.

Laree said...

Well this is what you would expect "African" from the Politically Correct Progressive movement. Negro would be considered Politically Incorrect so whoever put this together is so young? or brainwashed they can't relate to any other Culture then the Politically Correct Culture, this is really too funny. PC Police- Hoisted on their own Petard.

Anonymous said...

This is, as has been pointed out, NOT a "birth certificate".

Look at the bottom of the form.
It indicates that this is laser printed, the form being from 2001.

Anonymous said...

Having a personal knowledge of what a certified copy is, this is not one. There is only one, just one, original document, if there is one and it is in the vital statistics office in Hawaii. The only way to get a valid certified copy is to get someone who is an official in that office to take a copy of the original document, put an embossed seal on it and the deputy or official who made that copy from the original has to sign it - original signature. That is the one and only way to be sure that the document is valid. You can't even take a copy of a certified copy. It is worthless!