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Sarah Palin and Anti-Iran Rally: A Bigger Issue Than Politics Part One

Sarah Palin and Anti-Iran Rally: A Bigger Issue Than Politics Part One

September 20, 2008 by

According to news reports, Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin told supporters Friday that “Democrat partisans” had pressured organizers of an anti-Iran rally in New York on Monday to withdraw an invitation for her to appear. “This should be an issue that unites all Americans. Iran should not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons, period,” Palin said at a rally here. “Unfortunately, some Democrat partisans put politics first and now no elected official can appear. This should not be a matter of partisan politics.” Couldn’t have said it better there Sarah.

Palin had been set to attend the rally protesting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad organized by major Jewish organizations and sponsored by the National Coalition to Stop Iran Now. New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton also had been scheduled to appear at the rally, but canceled after learning Palin would be there, too. The former first lady, who suspended her own presidential bid in June, has sought to avoid any appearance with Palin, who has emerged as the new female star of the 2008 campaign. Wow, so much for Hiliary’s concern for the promotion of women in politics and life in general. Guess that only counts when the women who are being promoted are pro-abortion, pro-rabid government control, pro-homosexual, pro-socialist and pro-Hiliary minded. God forbid a woman with conservative woman like Sarah Palin take that spotlight away from Mrs. C.

Palin incidentially showed great class I thought on Sean Hannity’s program this week giving praise to Mrs. Clinton for her accomplishments during the Democratic Primary. Clinton’s response to Palin? Getting angry and claiming she was “sand bagged” by the organizers of the Anti-Iran rally by inviting Palin to the event along with Mrs. Clinton - you’re a real class act, Mrs. C, a real class act. I wonder if Michelle Obama had been invited would Mrs. Clinton had felt the same way. Probably not. Again, that’s a real class act Mrs. C. A Real Class Act.

On Thursday, organizers announced that they had withdrawn their invitation for Palin to attend, saying they did not want the event to be overtly political. GOP hopeful John McCain criticized the move in a statement to reporters Thursday, suggesting Obama backers pressed for Palin to be disinvited. Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor batted away the suggestion, saying they had planned to send Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Fla., to attend the rally on the campaign’s behalf and did nothing to discourage Palin’s attendance. “Israel needs real leadership to stop Iran, not phony political controversies,” Vietor said.

Well, Mr. Vietor the phony political controversary you claim are being created was not created by Governor Palin or Senator McCain but by the Democratic Party which specializes in this type stuff. You are right that Israel needs real leadership to stop Iran and let me assure you BARRACK OBAMA is NOT the one to provide that leadership. He can’t even define Iran as a real threat to Israel and America so give me a break.

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Laree said...

But President Karzi will meet with Sarah Palin. Reality bites. We don't have an embassy in Iran anymore I remember why not why doesn't the Media ever mention what happened on President Carter's watch?