Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'd Rather be White Trash than be Heather Mallick

By Erik Rush

Two weeks ago, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation published a piece by Toronto writer Heather Mallick that sprayed far Left elitism like blood from a cleanly-severed carotid artery. In it, she described supporters of Republican vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin as "white trash" and ascribed more insulting terminology to the Alaska governor and her family. Which presumably makes this black columnist "white trash."

Curious...There are certain points that occasionally need to be repeated, and one is the far Left's practice of projection. Something taught in Psych 101 classes, it's the psychological trait of ascribing characteristics to one's adversary that actually apply to oneself. Whether intentionally or subconsciously, progressives (read far Left socialists) are consummate masters of this.Inasmuch as those on the far Left are internationalists, it is no surprise that a Canadian journalist might be alarmed at recent developments in the current presidential election cycle in America.

The choice of Sarah Palin has gained Republican nominee Sen. John McCain massive ground, while the camp of Democrat nominee Sen. Barack Obama has reacted like someone reflexively blowing soda pop through their nose after a shock.The campaign of tawdry insults directed at Palin is in the spirit of the schoolyard invective that has been flying as regards the vice-Presidential nominee, such as making fun of her religion, appearance, upbringing, hobbies and her children's names.

The latter is in itself is an extraordinarily bad idea. Not that I'd know much about it, being white trash and all, but Democrats are likely to lose a substantial portion of the black vote if they keep that up. Tabascus-Jamal and Uniqua aren't going to take kindly to a party that disrespects people simply because they have unusual names.

"[Palin] has a toned-down version of the porn actress look favored by this decade's woman, the overtreated hair, puffy lips and permanently alarmed expression."— Heather Mallick, Sept. 5, 2008 Here, what is either funny or sad — take your pick — is that these wild, histrionic swings are patently inaccurate. When Gov. Palin came on the scene, she looked more like a librarian than a porn actress. Save for the hair bun, which Palin has mercifully shed, Mallick's hair is strikingly similar to the governor's. The columnist's criticism of Palin's lips — with which we assume she was born — is beyond despicable. Other, even more insulting remarks concerning the Palins' disposition apropos their unmarried pregnant daughter were simply additional validation of my assertions here.

"I'm not the one preaching homespun values but I'd destroy that ratboy before I'd let him get within scenting range of my daughter again..."— Heather Mallick, on Bristol Palin beau Levi Johnston. Yes, I suppose murdering Johnston — like real white trash might do — would be an eminently more constructive solution. Later, Mallick actually suggested outright that they shoot him.In short, the rash emotional nature of progressive-socialists itself is very evidently betraying them. These tasteless slurs, though sometimes humorous in what they reveal, are the mark of the far Left as haters rather than torchbearers of all that is loving and tolerant (as they would have American voters believe). As regards the upcoming election, one can only hope that this is being driven home to enough of the electorate.

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Laree said...

I have made this similar observation I will take it one step further. Their conformity on the Left, stems for an Inferiority Complex. This is what you hear, I am superior, listen to me, you can hear how superior I am. Of course I didn't know who this woman was till she attached her name to a dumb article, about someone getting all the attention in the News Cycle. So file under Self Serving. Like our Media, The Progressive Democrats and Their Banking Buddies, who got us all into the financial crisis we are in. They cannot are not capable of an internal audit.

So what was this previous unknown to me woman with an inferiority complex doing. Trying to get attention on the back of someone she thinks, doesn't belong in the position she earned. I used to think the Saying, Liberalism is a Disease, was just a funny saying. Maybe we should fund a Govt.,study. You know they can't turn down worthless studys, and they would participate because they are so special. They would then be the center of attention, they crave so much, surely a Government Fund Worthless Study would prove this. SMILE