Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Poisoning the Well with a few Bitter Words

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Laree said...

It Means you need to act like you have a pair John, and listen to Rep McCotter from Michigan. You are representing the AMERICAN PEOPLE. NOT the AMERICAN PRESIDENT. Time for you to realize that the Speaker of the House and her "coven" are playing a game of high stakes chicken with the Country's Economy.

Just because the President wants it doesn't make it RIGHT. I took the Red Pill (Matrix) John, how about you?

The Republicans caving in for our own Good, don't you dare vote YES in my name. Some BraveHearts/sarc

Remember Country First?

Laree said...

Janet, There might be a reason why the networks have been reporting the "Financial Crisis" the way they have.

They might have an invested interest in the outcome of the bail out bill.


REP McCotter
(R)Michigan, is great, if you get a chance watch the you tube video he is against the Paulson Splurge.

Laree said...

Watch it before they take it down again. This one is not going away. I wonder why the Left is so threatened by this video. I don't really wonder;)


Laree said...

New Media to the rescue?