Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Says Economic Crisis Top Priority

2008 Campaign

McCain Seeks to Delay First Debate
Todd Heisler/The New York Times
McCain Seeks to Delay First Debate

John McCain, seen at an event in New York on Wednesday, said that he wanted to delay Friday’s debate and suspend campaigning because of the economic crisis.

Should the candidates give top priority to the economic crisis?

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Laree said...

But the Obama Campaign says he won't call off his campaign why

Obama First NOT Country First.

They are always lagging in public sentiment mind you they will gin up as much fear as they can in the electorate they just are not going to put Country First, that is what Democrats do whine a lot but no action. Poor response from the Obama campaign. McCain is so much better on Foreign Policy it really makes them look small. McCain is the one who would be benefiting from the debate.

Remember that article this Election is all about Obama NOT the American People, not our Country First.

Janet Crain said...

I couldn't agree more. Obama has been studying with a debate coaching team all week preparing for this. You know he does not feel ready.