Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sarah Palin's Face Crafted in Ohio Cornfield Maze

Duke Wheeler of Whitehouse, Ohio has carved up his 16-acre cornfield to depict the likeness of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Wheeler says Palin created a lot of excitement in this year's race, and was hoping to generate the same kind of excitement for this year's maze.

The process of etching Sarah Palin into Ohio's landscape took an artist from Idaho more than 8 hours. The artist had to mow down the cornstalks strategically in order to finish the caricature which is complete with her signature glasses and updo hairstyle.

Wheeler thinks the Alaskan governor would be proud.

The Sarah Palin fall corn maze is located at The Butterfly House in Whitehouse, OH (near Toledo), and features an indoor garden filled with butterflies and the adjoining farm where the maze is. To fully appreciate the maze, you need to see it from above.

Butterfly House website

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