Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Death of Innocence on a September Morning

by Janet Crain

Seven years ago today our generation experienced our own Pearl Harbor. The shock and grief that an enemy could attack our citizens on our own soil was almost too much to register. A completely unprovoked attack on civilians, including women and babies, in the middle of a huge powerful city where no one thought such a thing could happen, ripped our innocence to shreds that September morning and September will never be the same.

To me September always evoked memories of the first week of school. High school football, Jr. High kids in stiff new clothes, and kindergarteners clutching bags with Elmers glue and blunt scissors inside. And parents clutching their little ones about to embark on a lifetime of independence.

And even here in Texas hints of the cool weather to come. From out of nowhere, a sharp cool breeze reminding you that another season was just around the corner. Soon it would be Halloween and then Thanksgiving and Christmas. Already?

But that cruel September morning ripped away the happy memories and substituted horrible images in their place. We flew flags and watched television relentlessly. There was no sacrifice our government could ask of us to right this wrong that we would not support.

I hope for just this one day, seven years later, we can put aside pettiness and reflect on the implications of that day. In addition to the respect and remembrance due the victims of this terrible injustice, try to imagine if that day had never happened.

An exercise in futility? I don't think so. Humility, maybe.

Let's cut our leaders some slack and think about the choices they had. To do their best to insure this terrible day was never repeated.

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September 11, 2001

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Anonymous said...

I was sitting on my back porch reading my Bible, when my brother called and said, "Are you watching TV?" His voice had never had that tone before. I said, in fear, "What's happened?" He said, "Turn on your television." The line went dead. As I turned on Fox News, I could never have prepared myself for what was unfolding in front of my eyes. The second plane had hit the south tower. My small children were pulling at me, asking me what had happened. I couldn't speak. It's the kind of grief, shock and unbridled rage that takes, not only your breath, but any words that you want to scream. In the following days, the emotions were overwhelming; hatred, rage, profound grief, pity (for the families), and pride for our Heroes on Flight 93, and everyone who rushed to Ground Zero to help and in Americans, themselves. My prayer is that Americans will vote for the safety of our country and the only candidate that has the experience to do that.
Tamara Hogshead

Laree said...

Have You Forgotten?

I can't forget, I will take this memory to the grave with me.

Laree said...

Use your brain vote for McCain.