Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama's Apology; Too Little, Too Late; Too Self Righteous

Obama turned his expected apology into a criticism of John McCain and Conservatives.

How much more gracious if he had simply said; "If anyone was offended by my remarks, I'm deeply sorry."

He sounds like a 5 year old. "I'm sorry I broke your stupid cookie jar that you left too near the edge of the counter."

This childish ploy will not get him very far in my opinion.


laree said...

Video of the latest made up controversy. I guess he means like the Daily Kos stating that Sarah Palin's baby is really her daughters.

Yeah distracting, I was born at night I wasn't born last night.

laree said...

I guess Mister Obama,thought it was just a cute thing to say.

A TN Conservative said...

Obama might have used it because it;s a common political expression, but it was still bad judgment on his part. His supporters certainly got it, even if he didn't.

Laree said...

Some interesting Comments on this thead. The Internet New Media is different then Old Media. This may last 48 hours in the Old Media. New Media this may be lasting longer.

Anonymous said...

Obama says it was just a figure of speech--a common phrase that everyone's heard.

Does anyone doubt for a second what his reaction would be if McCain said, in talking about Obama's record, "Let's call a spade a spade"?!

I seem to recall SOMEONE giving a speech not long ago that expounded at length about phrases not being "just words". Wish I could remember who that was...hmmm...I don't know...could it be... OBAMA!!?

Our Michelle's right--he's just a jerk.

rn/ said...

given that his next comment was about fish stinking and a barracuda is what?.... oh yeah, a fish. ... i'm not stupid 0bama.

Albina Rose said...

As I saw posted in a different comment section talking about this:

"Obama's supporters have a dillemna. If he is as smart as they say he is, then he is smart enough to know how this comment would be perceived.

If he's too dumb to know how it would be perceived, then he is too dumb to be POTUS."

My own opinion is that at worst he knew the impact it would have but said it anyway knowing he could cover his a** in exactly the way he did.

At best, Sarah Palin has gotten so far under their skin that they can't get her out and comments like this will keep being inadevertently blurted out.

Remember how he flipped Hillary off, right? I'm sure that was just an "innocent scratching of his cheek", right? Yea, right.

Either way, he's either dumb or shows extremely poor judgment.