Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Campaign Rhetoric Hits a New Low with Lipstick Remark

Yes, I know, others have used this expression. But that was before "lipstick" had been used in a vice-presidential acceptance speech in a personal way and become a famous byword overnight.

Listen to this video and decide for yourself if Barack Obama was referring to Sarah Palin or not.

Then you can take our poll at right if you want to.


Laree said...


You want to highlight this article from Camille Paglia a real Feminist not a partisan N.O.W. Feminist. I wonder what Tammy Bruce has to say about Sarah Palin?


TriciaNC said...

I think it was deliberate for the following reasons:

Dem pundits and MSM had been saying comments with "lipstick" for a day and a half.

Biden was introduced by a Dem Representative with a "lipstick" remark.

Look at the remainder of what he said...he put John McCain done in teh next sentence with the "old fish" comment.

Also, the remark where he said Sarah had 5 kids and he and Michelle only had 2 and knew how much work and how tired they made them insinuating if his 2 made him tired, her 5 must exhaust her and then how can she be VP too.

Anonymous said...

I say it's a gaffe because he's made so many. AA got him into Harvard and now we know why AA is such a bad idea. Intelligent people would have avoided using a word knowing - 1. That it was the punchline of her acceptance speech icebreaker joke & 2. That it was echoed around the world by MSM ad nauseum connecting it to her. 3. That people would suspect you were insinuating that Sarah Palin is a pig. Put all those together along with his total inability to think on his own two feet, (ahhhh, errrrr, hmmmm), Obama is a DIMWIT post turtle in the least and a real Manchurian candidate at worst.

laree said...


He is accusing them of a using a diversion and he is doing the same thing by trying to divert attention from his INSULT. By using another diversion. Okay The Obama Camp thinks women and others who get exactly what kind of politics he is Playing. Are Stupid. Sorry Camp Obama, not buying what your selling.

"Distractions" "Manipulations" exactly what He is doing.

Folks there is another old saying. "Don't buy a Pig in a Poke" Who is Obama? I can't tell a politician? I am not buying what I can't see.

Heather said...

I can't stand listening to that man talk. He's so fake it oozes off of him. He's not even a good speaker - I heard him stutter. I'm shocked that nearly half the nation are being led like sheep with his fluff.

Micky said...

On the surface the comment is related to McCains economic policies.
But he should of realized that after Palins lipstick comment at her acceptance speech any lipstick coments on his part would seem in relation to her.

No matter what, it was stupid.

This morning he addressed it by saying its just another "made up" scandal. And that this is what you get with the cons.
Funny,I seem to remember McCains 100 year comment being taken out of context and dragged around for weeks by the same guy.

markg8 said...

Obama: "John McCain says he's about change too, and so I guess his whole angle is, 'Watch out George Bush -- except for economic policy, health care policy, tax policy, education policy, foreign policy and Karl Rove-style politics -- we're really going to shake things up in Washington,'" he said.

"That's not change. That's just calling something the same thing something different. You know you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig. You know you can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change, it's still going to stink after eight years. We've had enough of the same old thing."

Where's the reference to Sarah Palin? There isn't any. It's a common phrase and Obama even explained the context. So common even John McCain has been known to use it.

John McCain: In Iowa last October, McCain drew comparisons between Hillary Clinton's current health care plan and the one she championed in 1993: "I think they put some lipstick on the pig, but it's still a pig." He used the same line in May.

John McCain would be an even worse president than Bush. He seems to be trying to prove it by the dishonest way he's running his campaign. He'd rather his honor than lose a campaign.

micky said...

"Where's the reference to Sarah Palin? There isn't any. It's a common phrase and Obama even explained the context. So common even John McCain has been known to use it."

It was stupid and a sublime way to refer back to Palins lipstick comment which has been her highlighted comment for a week now.

His campaign advisors should of told him not to go with the word lipstick.

Maybe they did inform him of the connection it would bring and he decided to go with it anyway ?
Stupid, either way you look at it.

Shall we talk about Obama abusing McCains 100 years in Iraq comment ?

markg8 said...
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markg8 said...

McCain has proposed to bankrupt the country even faster with bigger tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% and tax breaks for fossil fuel industries. He'll give you a $5000 tax cut to go out and buy $12000 worth of health insurance for your family but you're on your own after that. He thinks we can throw the Russians out of the G8 when in fact the Russians would have to vote themselves out. Even the Bush Administration thinks that's nutty. Everyone from the Iraqi government to the Bush Administration has adopted Obama's timetable for getting out of Iraq but McCain still wants to stay for four, a hundred or a thousand years, or whatever it is this week. McCain is still touting education vouchers for cryin out loud which most sensible people saw as a failure years ago.

Frankly that pig won't fly.

Micky said...

Yea, I thought so.
You dont want to approach Pbamas hypocrisy on how he muliked and abused the 100 years in Iraq coment.

So while were at it, lets discount your claim to Obamas integrity.

As far as all your other obfuscations go, they are just diversions from the topic at hand and the issue of this post.

Fact of the matter is, Obama shows that he is not a multi dimensional thinker.
Its initialy reflected in his literary skills. This has happened often and is better known as "gaffes".
Well, they are also "gaffes" in thinking.
Something I do not se McCain doing half as often as McCain.
Obama has been in the political/campaign circuit for well over 2 years now but has only been present 145 days , not mention that is how the majority of his useless votes were placed.
Now, Obama has had a number of substantial gaffes in the last few months alone. If we do the math and apply it to a multiplication scale against McCains 20 + years in public service an, Obama will of had these gaffes in thinking a few thousand times.

It also goes to intent of thought.

I believe he knew that what he was saying would be taken both ways and disregarded the potential consequences.

And spare me the BS that everyone has adopted Obamas timetable.
What load of crap.
His timetable has changed three times in the last year fron 60 days to 120 days and now its "responsable " withdrawl.

Iraqi prime minister and Bush have been discussing reasonable withdrawl "horizons days before Obama went on his little Europe/middle eastern tour and ranted to the world how Malaki had embraced his withdrawl ideas. No sh*t sherlock, him and Bush were talking about the same thing the day before.
All Obama did was take credit for what was already in process.
Patraeus, Bush and Iraqi parliament have been in negotiation over withdrawl terms for months now.
Obama should just sit down and shut up before the truth comes back to him

markg8 said...

"Something I do not se McCain doing half as often as McCain."


Why is it when Obama says "lipstick on a pig" the first thing that leaps to Republican minds is "Sarah Palin"?

Laree said...

Blogger markg8 said...

"Something I do not se McCain doing half as often as McCain."


Why is it when Obama says "lipstick on a pig" the first thing that leaps to Republican minds is "Sarah Palin"?

Because of all the candidates for one she is the only one who wears lipstick 2. She has been using this saying since she spoke at the Republican Convention. What is the difference btw a Hockey Mom and a Pit Bull, "Lipstick" do you think after this has been saturated in the news cycle that Obama has not heard this? He was being too cute by far. Well this one is going to come back and bite him. There was a civil reply to this whole "Issue". I believe that Sarah Palin has probably been called worse. After coming off the sexist Charges by the Hillary Clinton Supporters, was it really worth it to take this CHEAP SHOT at Sarah Palin? Why because she stole his limelight and he isn't the media darling anymore? Well if he wants to be President of the U.S.A. he is going to have to work for it.

micky said...

"Why is it when Obama says "lipstick on a pig" the first thing that leaps to Republican minds is "Sarah Palin"?"

Well, you see, its like this.

Her lipstick comment was the highlight of her speech which has been played over and over for the last week.
So , can you put together in your mind how it was dumb for Obama to say that due to the association factor ?.


Excellent reply.
Condescending and no come back, all in one word.

Laree said...


Have you seen this? Incredible take a look at the screen shot capture.


Intentional much!

micky said...

Link didnt work Laree.
but I found it anyway.
Are my eyes decieving me, lack of java or did the democrats .org guest host a placement of this berry chicks blog ?

(looks like it)


markg8 said...

To paraphrase Phil Gramm, I guess it's all in your heads isn't it? You've become a party of whiners.

There isn't anyone outside of your circle of deadenders that believes Obama was talking about Palin. He was referring to McCain's policies which stink even worse than Bush's. That's the real story and almost every news story written about it points out what Obama really said spreading that message. So thanks guys.

McCain flailed around and tried everything all summer long, Mark Penn's advice to Clinton "The American President we've been waiting for", he's more experienced (didn't work for Clinton or McCain). Obama's too popular, Obama is elite, and now he's landed on what really works, a complete change from Bush and being an outsider.

He knows it works because it's been the Obama's campaign consistent message for over a year and half.

How long do you think McCain's bounce will last with the laughable meme that he's still a Maverick for change and has outsider cred? His top 7 campaign aides are all DC lobbyists. He's voted with Bush 95% of the time. 100% the last two years when he bothered to show up. He's voted for $150 billion in earmarks in the past 6 years alone. Sarah Palin is the unequaled queen of federal welfare pork for her state and before that her town.

markg8 said...

Let's face it. Lipstick on a pig is a classic American phrase. And there's just no better way to describe the McCain-Palin ticket. The 'Reformer' whose whole campaign and senate office is run by a crew of high-rolling DC lobbyists? The earmark slayer whose state this year got ten times more earmarks than any other state in the country? Whose city when she was mayor got twenty times as many? The whole operation is just one big bamboozling lie. And lipstick on a pig is just using good American English to explain it. If McCain and Palin don't like it they should have thought of that before they decided to run as frauds.

Laree said...


Nobody is buying anymore we all have seen these old tired moves too many times..this one is from digital journal. In the words of President William Jefferson Clinton "It is what it is, depending on what is-is"

I see your point, but see that is the beauty of Obama's tactics, as he used with Hillary, say and do anything you want and when you are called on it, insist on talking about the issues.

There is a screen shot from the Democrat Party Aug 30th, this was a talking point. A low class talking point but it is what it is.