Friday, September 12, 2008

The View: Girls Behaving Badly

McCain Says His Campaign Ads Are 'Not Lies'
GOP Presidential Hopeful Says He's 'the Same Guy' He's Always Been
Sept. 12, 2008

On the usually friendly couch of the TV show "The View" today, Sen. John McCain found himself challenged about the truthfulness of his campaign ads and the consistency of his character.

Republican presidential nominee John McCain appeared on ABC's 'The View.' (Steve Fenn/ABC)
In the harshest moments of the show, co-host Joy Behar grilled McCain about two campaign ads released this week that imply Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama was insulting GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin when he used the phrase "lipstick on a pig" during a stump speech and another ad that suggested Obama wanted to teach sex education to kindergartners.

"We know these ads are lies," said Behar. "But you say 'I approve these messages.' Do you really approve them?"

"Actually, they are not lies," answered McCain before being interrupted by Barbara Walters, who pointed out that McCain too had used the lipstick phrase during the campaign.

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McCain said he used the "lipstick" quote while talking about Sen. Hillary Clinton's health care plan. Obama has argued he used the phrase while describing McCain's claim that he would be a force for change if elected president.

McCain also didn't give ground to the accusation that he had misstated Obama's position about teaching sex ed to kindergarten students. "Teaching kids sex is not all right," said McCain. "[Obama] shouldn't have said it. He chooses his words very carefully and this is a tough campaign."

Obama told Planned Parenthood last year that sex education for kindergarteners, as long as it is "age-appropriate," is "the right thing to do."
Behar argued that McCain, who has been on "The View" previously, has become "much more lockstep with George Bush's policies" and that that she doesn't "see the same old John McCain who used to really buck the system."
McCain insisted he's "the same guy."

"What specific have I, quote, changed? Nobody can name it," said McCain. "The point is, I'm the same person with the same principles, whether spending, climate change, the conduct of the war in Iraq, torture of prisoners – no matter what it is."

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Laree said...

The View or "Reality Bites" LOL! They create their own realities, and they hate when the real world intrudes. If you asked them what they think of people outside of their circle, you would hear them say, you mean "the little people" pretentious and all of the ladys don't have a reason to feel all that superior, they do not have all of that going on. Do they know how Low Class they appear to so many? I doubt it and they write off the criticism what do the little people know. Sad Sacks, and a couple of them are supposed to be comedians, that make people laugh. They are not funny.