Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Media Coverage Unbalanced and Unfair

September 17, 2008

I do have an opinion. Really. I rarely write about my life, except for occasional references to my family and growing up in the grasslands of North Dakota.

And rarely, as a columnist, do I write about issues . . . although I have the cachet to do so.

And when John McCain chose (gulp!) a good-looking woman from Alaska named Sarah Palin as his running mate, the liberal pundits threw every red shoe at her they could find -- and tossed as many hair pins at her as they could muster.

That frosted my cake.

Being first and fair was my journalistic baptism in the tumultuous 1960s.

Unfortunately, fairness keeps getting redefined.

Our reporters are fair and unbiased, but it's no secret Obama adoration is overflowing in our columns.

My colleagues have a right to their opinions, but I've decided to interject a little balance in the column trade.

I've been in the newspaper business a hell of a lot longer than most of our columnists, but that doesn't mean I'm wiser and smarter. But I do have history.

Covering the return of nine Marine POWs to Camp Pendleton from Vietnam's Hanoi Hilton -- where McCain was imprisoned for more than five years -- gives me an intimate perspective.

Words barely describe his bravery and valor. I heard it first hand.

There is also no excuse for the way McCain deserted his wife, who waited for him to come home. But as with every tortured mind there is a reason -- and McCain has never tried to hide what he did or make an excuse for it.

And if you think Sun-Times readers are only Obama supporters, think again. Here's some excerpts from Sneed's mail bin Tuesday.

"It seems you are the only columnist in Chicago that dare say anything good about [Palin]. I am so sick of the Obamamania around Chicago. I live in the city and would love to put up a McCain/Palin yard sign, but I think my house might get bombed."

Pam K.

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