Monday, September 15, 2008

Sarah Palin, Vice-Presidential Candidate 2008

Sarah Palin, Alaska Governor and

Vice-Presidential Candidate 2008

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The Media and Elite Snobs Just Don't Get It

The op-ed page of today's (Sunday's) New York Times is full of (more, though tiresome and unoriginal) invective toward Governor Sarah Palin. Maureen Dowd mocks her as a retro nitwit, Frank Rich turns her into a cartoonish life preserver tossed by a desperate John McCain, and even Tom Friedman needles her for advocating drilling here at home as part of a comprehensive approach to energy independence.

Last night's "Saturday Night Live" also poked fun at Palin, albeit more gently, with deadringer Tina Fey satirizing her American optimism in a sing-songy voice.

What the hyenas at The New York Times and the comedy writers at "SNL" don't get is that what they mock and satirize is precisely what resonates with so many American voters. They LIKE that she's normal, enjoys her family, and has an intact marriage. They LIKE that she's her own person, secure enough in herself to wear whatever hairstyle and eyeglasses she likes. They LIKE that she's confident in her abilities and keenly knowledgeable about one of the biggest national security issues of our time: energy. They LIKE that she's done what feminists for a long time called their objective: women who could have a career and a family, and find both rewarding.

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