Saturday, September 13, 2008

Media Feeding Frenzy Continues

Laura's E-Blast
September 12, 2008


Why do they hate her? What is it about Sarah that is driving left-wing elites to say the most idiotic and bizarre things? Since her explosive arrival onto the political scene, Palin has endured far more than the customary and expected vetting and scrutiny.

Obama underlings and their dinosaur media apparatchiks have dug through her garbage, rifled through her dirty laundry, and interviewed every friend, foe, and caribou in Alaska. She has been (falsely) branded a book-burner, a religious zealot, "anti-women," and "anti-science."

Today's Washington Post claims that Gov. Palin falsely equated Saddam Hussein with the 9/11 hijackers at the ceremony yesterday seeing Alaska troops off to Iraq. In reality she said they'd soon be taking on forces aligned with those who hit us on 9/11 - an obviously true statement. Al Qaeda in Iraq is part of Al Qaeda, and it's been a coon's age since Saddam Hussein was fighting this war.

Then came mean Charles Gibson. The ABC News star tried to jettison his nice-guy image in the first interview with Palin and ended up coming off like a pedantic snob. Aside from tripping up on the Bush Doctrine (she explained it as his general worldview, as opposed to the doctrine of preemptive military action), she acquitted herself well.
Sorry, Charlie.

In the past two-weeks, Obama-friendly columnists and commentators have questioned Palin's fitness as a mother. CNN, NBC and the other left-wing media outlets have expended more man-hours looking into Palin's faith than they did in two years looking into Barack Obama's. My personal favorite, though, is actor Matt "Bagger Vance" Damon's saying that the mere possibility of Vice President Palin was like a "bad Disney movie."

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Laree said...

Obama is having an Icarus incident. Charles Krauthammer, latest blog, Obama's descent to earth.