Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Left Wingers in Panic Over Palin

I never would have thought that the prospect of a woman in office, a "heart beat away from the presidency" would turn so many supposedly adult educated people into blithering, foaming at the mouth, raving lunatics, but it has. Of course that is because this woman is her own person, not a party line adherent to some 40 year old socialist "cradle to the grave" government interfering cause. Here is a great article from a fellow blogger:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Left Wingers in Panic Over Palin

Barak, dude, what the hell? No really, I mean it, what the hell is wrong with you and your campaign? You know, all those television ads have a little sound bite at the end. You know the one that goes "I'm Barak Obama, and I approved this message"? Yeah that one. I just have one question for you. Did you? Really!? Because if so, I just want to say one thing to you....keep up the good work!

You are making the case against you in the most elegant terms possible.Even those outside your campaign that support you are taking aim right at your foot and dropping the hammer so often that I will be surprised if you can still walk come November. From the loonies at Daily Kos starting the rumors about Bristol Palin to Rhandi Rhodes inferring on her radio show that Gov. Palin likes to have sex with teenage boys, your supporters are showing America everyday why they don't want you, or those who share your socialist agenda, in office.

More and more your supporters are drifting in to a fantasy land where they believe that their views and opinions actually represent those of mainstream America. And they believe this even as the legions of hockey/soccer moms march past the rose colored bay windows through which they view the world, on their way to a McCain-Palin rally. During his 1992 presidential bid Ross Perot said "God must really love common folks, he made so many of them.", it's the common folks who win elections Barak, you know the ones who don't even have the money to buy arugula at Whole Paycheck, ahem, I mean, Whole Foods. The ones who honor the flag, even wear it on a lapel pin, and cling to guns and religion as you so condescendingly put it while pandering to your moonbat friends in San Francisco.



Laree said...

They should be in a panic look at this Sarah Palin Bags Bigfoot :)


Laree said...

Montanans like there guns this isn't news it just seems to be in the news cycle.

You can carry in the open in Montana, imagine if they thought someone running for President, wanted to restrict their right to carry.